It is our mission to ensure the latest frame and lens technologies are used in our products.

TR90 Lightweight Sunglasses

Our DEX sunglasses are manufactured from the lightest engineered plastic in existence today (TR90®) which has been developed by Swiss company Grilamid®.
TR90 offers excellent flexural strength so its virtually impossibly to break – this allows our sunglasses to weigh less than 20g – compared to other market sunglasses weighing in at 35 – 40g.
These are so light, you will forget you are even wearing sunglasses.

Polarised Lens

The lenses used in our sunglasses and ski goggles undergo a TAC (Tri Acetate Cellulose) polarisation process which ensures an effective and even polarisation filter. This is the most advanced polarisation process available on the market today and dramatically reduces the glare and reflection from water, snow or any reflective surface.

Photochromic Lens

Our photochromic lenses automatically darken on exposure to specific types of light of sufficient intensity. We have engineered the photochromic filter for snow conditions where the weather can quickly change from sunny to cloudy or fog. In the absence of activating light, the lens returns to its low light state, allowing maximum light transmission but still filtered for low light conditions.

Oleophobic Lens coating

All Vertical Unit sunglasses include an oleophobic coating. This coating is commonly found on the screens of high end smartphones to prevent oil residue, water and fingerprints. It ensures the lens stays cleaner for longer and repeals oil and water. The coating also prevents scratching of the lens

Anti Scratch and Anti Fog Lens coatings

All Vertical Unit ski goggles include an anti scratch and anti fog coating. As our lenses have very nice reflective coatings, we want to ensure they stay looking good – so our tough anti scratch coating is applied to the exterior lens. As for the anti fog, well its part of many things we do to prevent fogging. We are passionate about our lens performance and fogging is simply the worst. Combined with the anti-fog coating on the inside of the lens, we have excellent ventilation in our frames that removes the hot air along with a dual lens construction that keeps a pocket of air between the inner and outer lens prevent condensation transfer.

Magnetic Lens System

The magnetic lens system used on our Blaze and Knox ski goggles has been rigorously tested to ensure the lens will remain in place. This is achieved by using a series of rare earth neodymium magnets that securely attach the lens to the frame. This enables lens exchange in a matter of seconds without the need for complex clips or tabs.

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